Application Statuses

The following table describes each of the statuses with who needs to take action and what action is needed.

InitialiseAn application has been submitted to the system for decisioning.
No DecisionAn application has been submitted but the CRA did not provide a response.
PredeclineThe credit application has been declined by CreditSentry.
AcceptThe credit application has been accepted for finance which is valid for 90 days.
DeclineThe credit application has been declined for finance.
ReferThe credit application has been given a refer decision which requires manual decisioning from the lender to be either declined or accepted.
VerifiedThe customer has successfully paid their deposit or signed contracts (if no deposit).
AmendedThe credit application has been amended and is awaiting the consumers approval.
FulfilledThe retailer has notified Deko that they have fulfilled the order. Fulfilment is defined as the customer having receipt of all items eg their complete order.
CompleteThe credit application has been included in a settlement payment from the lender to the retailer.
CancelledThe credit application has been cancelled and the deposit refunded if it was paid.
Action CustomerThe customer has been accepted, paid their deposit but the application requires an ID upload to proceed.
Action LenderThe customers identity document could not be validated and it is down to the lender to take action.