Create Credit Application Request

Credit Application Initialisation

Create an online application link which you can give to the customer or redirect the customer to.

Required Parameter Fields

POST FieldTypeRequiredNotes
actionSTRINGYesThis should be 'credit_application_link' in lower case.
Identification[api_key]STRINGYesYour unique account identifier
Identification[RetailerUniqueRef]STRINGYesThe merchant unique reference to tie applications to their system
Identification[InstallationID]INTEGERYesThe installation associated with this credit request. Installations enable you to associate credit requests with different sales channels and/or websites. Each installation can have a unique configuration (logo, return URL’s, CSN URL’s etc…)
Goods[Description]STRINGYesDescription of order contents
Goods[Price]INTEGERYesThe overall total order value expressed in pennies
Finance[Code]STRINGYesSpecifies the finance product, please refer to product codes for a full list of our lender product codes
Finance[Deposit]INTEGERYesThe deposit amount expressed in pennies

Optional Parameter Fields

POST FieldTypeRequiredNotes
Consumer[Title]STRINGNoThe title of the customer
Consumer[Forename]STRINGNoThe forename of the customer
Consumer[Surname]STRINGNoThe surname of the customer
Consumer[DateOfBirthDay]INTEGERNoThe day of the month for the customer's birth date (i.e 24)
Consumer[DateOfBirthMonth]INTEGERNoThe month the customer's birth date (i.e. 7)
Consumer[DateOfBirthYear]INTEGERNoThe year of birth for the customer (i.e 1978)
Consumer[Gender]STRINGNoThe customer's gender
Consumer[MaritalStatus]STRINGNoThe customer's martial status
Consumer[MobileNumber]STRINGNoThe mobile phone number of the customer. Not required, but if set, must match the following regex: /(^+[0-9]{2}|^+[0-9]{2}(0)|^(+[0-9]{2})(0)|^00[0-9]{2}|^0)([0-9]{9}$|[0-9-\s]{10}$)/

It will match local and both international formats: 07123456789 00447123456789 +447123456789
Consumer[EmailAddress]STRINGNoThe customer's email address
Consumer[ResidentialStatus]STRINGNoThe customer's residential status
L=Living with parents
C=Council Renting
Consumer[Employment][Status]STRINGNoThe customer's employment status
P=Employed Full Time
PT=Employed Part Time
S=Self Employed
Consumer[Employment][Occupation]STRINGNoThe customer's occupation
Consumer[Employment][EmployerName]STRINGNoThe customer's employer name
Consumer[Employment][Years]STRINGNoHow long the customer has worked for the employer
Consumer[Employment][Salary]STRINGNoThe customer's current salary
Consumer[Bank][AccountName]STRINGNoThe owner's of the customer's bank account name
Consumer[Bank][AccountNumber]STRINGNoThe customer's bank account number
Consumer[Bank][SortCode]STRINGNoThe customer's bank branch sort code
Consumer[Bank][Years]STRINGNoHow long the customer has been using the bank account, years 0-9 to be passed though as a string of 0-9 in order to populate the field, a value of 10 needs to be passed across in order to display more then 10 years on the application form.

Example Successful Response