Part Refund Request

Part refunds allow you to refund part of the order but keep the rest of the finance
agreement intact.

Part refunds can only be performed on applications with a status of COMPLETE, and must leave a remaining minimum loan amount of £250. Part refunds can be made multiple times.

To part refund a deal in ACCEPT or VERIFIED status, please use the Amendment API Request or back office functionality.

To completely refund an entire application, please use the “Cancellation Request” API Request.

Part refund requests can also be performed manually using the backoffice or by using the part refund API request with the data listed in the table below.

POST FieldTypeRequired?Notes
cr_idINTEGERYesThe Deko ID for this credit application which you want to cancel.
api_keySTRINGYesYour unique account identifier
actionSTRINGYesThis should be ‘part_refund’ in lower case
refund_amountINTEGERYesThe amount in pennies to be refunded
refund_noteSTRINGNoA plain text description of why the credit application is being part-refunded
new_descriptionnew_descriptionYesA plain text description for the remaining order