Retailers that trade across multiple sales channels, physical locations or web sites, can use installations to specify unique settings for each website and location.

You can set up your account and configure installations by logging in to Backoffice and clicking on Installations.

To create a new installation, click the ‘New Installation’ button.

Each of the installation options is listed in the table below.

Installation SettingDescription
Installation NameThe name of the installation.
Name displayed as (optional)Changes the installation display name on the application form.
Header Background ColourThe background colour of the header in the application form.
Header Font ColourIf the installation is meant for in-store use or online use.
Installation TypeSet's whether an installation can be used for "Online" or "Instore" application process.

For integration purposes, this must be set to "Online"
Upload LogoThis logo is used for the header of the application form.