Resend CSN Request

You can manually resend the HTTP CSN POST's to the CSN URL configured in the integration profile and can even resend to a new CSN URL if required using this API Request.

This is in addition to CSN’s which are sent automatically by the system on status change can be used to resend if a CSN request was unsuccessful and you will continue to receive a CSN whenever a status change occurs to a credit application.

To re-request the latest CSN, send an HTTP POST to the Deko API URL.

Request Fields

POST FieldTypeRequired?Notes
cr_idINTEGERNoThe Deko ID for this credit application which you want to resend a CSN for.
actionSTRINGYesThis should be ‘resend_csn’ in lower case.
api_keySTRINGYesYour unique account identifier
retaileruniquerefSTRINGNoYour unique reference supplied with the initial credit application.

Example Successful Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>