Logo's and Branding Guidelines

We’ve designed the Deko brand to be flexible so it fits easily alongside the brands of our merchants, lenders and easily identifiable with consumers.

These guidelines should help you understand how we intend the brand to be positioned and make it easy to implement.

Download logos here:


Our trading name is Deko, which should not be written in capital letters. We use this in all communications, touch points and references to our company.

Our legal company name remains Pay4Later Ltd. This should only be used where reference to the legal entity and should always mention our trading name as well using the text “Deko is a trading name of Pay4Later Ltd”.


We have several logo variants. We’re flexible about which you use but have given some guidance below as to where we feel each works best. The logo is designed to stand out and therefore sits on its own background. The logo you choose is dependent on the background – the higher the contrast the better.

Primary logo

The primary logo is a full colour, landscape version as below. If the background is different to the background colour of the logo, we recommend using the boxed variant.


Logo variants

Square – Ideal in a line-up of payment methods or a square digital point of sale banner. The stacked logo should always be used as a boxed style.


Boxed – Using the block of dark or light colour around the logo gives emphasis. It makes it easier to use on a range of colours and backgrounds as it minimises interference. It works well alongside the other Deko brand elements.


Monochrome – The single colour logo can be used wherever there’s different colour background or one colour print or styling is required.

  • Monochrome (Negative) – Used boxed in brand colour
  • Monochrome (Positive) – Use on dark background where required.
  • White, no background – Suitable for using over other Deko brand colours or dark / busy backgrounds.

File Formats

We provide our logo in a variety of formats for merchants to use digitally, in print and within their own marketing material.

SVG – Resizes as required for the device the logo is being viewed on and perfect for responsive websites.

PNG – Use for any non-responsive digital applications or where a standard resolution image is required. These files are set up with RGB colours and are provided in a range of sizes (400px, 200px, 50px)

EPS – High-resolution file usually used for print or design and set up in CMYK colours.

General logo rules

As with most corporate identities, we ask that you don’t mistreat our brand by stretching, re-creating, recolouring or in any way changing the Deko logo.

Clear space


Minimum sizing



Our dark brand colour is called Muir. This is the main colour of our logo and the box behind it. We also have a palette of bold colours that can be used to supplement the brand or used on their own. If putting the logo on any other brand colour the white, no background version should be used. The logo should not be used over Liath.


Full brand guidelines are available. To request a copy, or for any other queries about using the Deko brand or logo please contact [email protected].