Our API can handle a number of different requests outlined in the API category of this guide. The API will allow you to integrate on a deeper level.

Application Link

Application links are a way to send out links to customers or potential customers via email or SMS to fill out the Deko application form. They are heavily customisable to suit your needs.


The web user interface which provides the tools and functionality to be able to use the Deko system.

Credit Application

One is created when a customer submits their details in the Deko application form. Each application has a unique reference that you can pass in to link to an order. Full details of each credit application can be found in BackOffice.


Designed to help retailers and lenders identify and prevent fraudulent finance applications at the point of sale, across all sales channels.


Short for Credit Status Notification, these notifications can either be to an email or a HTTP Post to a specified URL. CSN logs can be found in the integration section.

Finance Calculator

A graphical interface to easily launch applications in-store.


Each application is linked to one of these; an installation is essentially a way of grouping applications. They can be used to customise a number of variables which is detailed in the Installations section in the navigation.

Integration Profile

Detailed settings that can be applied to installations. Settings such as Return URLs from the application form, and CSN recipients.

Product Code

A unique identifier for each finance product. The attributes of each one are: application type (in-store or online), term and apr. An example of one could be ONIB12-9.9 signifies it's an online application (ON), interest bearing (IB), a term of 12 months (12) and APR of 9.9% (9.9).

Rate Card

You will be assigned 1 or more rate cards at any time, these dictate the rates for each product code used and can be viewed in BackOffice.

Sales Channel

The type of application, split in to either In-store or Online.

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