Deko IP Address Changes

As part of our growth plans, Deko will be moving to new IP addresses which host our platform. As an integrated Retailer, it is crucial that you are prepared for this change to avoid disruption to your integration with the Deko platform.

What you need to do:

1. Ensure that Deko web servers will remain accessible from your network after the migration

Inbound access to Deko web servers will not resolve to a static IP address. If you restrict internet access from your network please ensure that you have whitelisted the Deko hostnames and not the IP address.

Live Hostname:
Sandbox Hostname:

This is essential for access the Deko platform to create and process applications from your network after our IP addresses change.

2. Ensure that your Credit Status Notification endpoints will remain accessible from Deko.

Outbound access from Deko servers to your CSN endpoints will originate from any one of the following static IP addresses:



You must ensure that it will be possible to reach your CSN endpoint(s) from any of the above IP addresses.

This is essential for the delivery of your Credit Status Notifications from our platform after our IP addresses change.

3. Do not disable your current whitelisting configurations

To ensure a smooth transition, Deko will conduct a phased migration to the new IP addresses. This means the existing whitelisting rules will need to remain in place, with the addition of the new whitelisting rules.

For any questions regarding these updates please either contact your account manager or our support team at [email protected].