Amendment Request


Amendments to the value and description of orders of accepted applications can be amended whilst they are in ACCEPT or VERIFIED states (so have not yet been marked as fulfilled).

Once an order amendment is issued, the application will be updated to AMENDED status, a CSN will be sent to you and the customer sent an email with a link to review and confirm the amendment.

Once the customer confirms the amendment it will be resubmitted for credit scoring, if a deposit remains to be paid, it will go return to ACCEPT state, if no deposit remains to be paid it will return to VERIFIED state. The CSN details will be updated to reflect the new amendment.

Request Fields

POST FieldTypeRequired?Notes
cr_idINTEGERYesThe Deko ID for this credit application which you want to amend.
actionSTRINGYesThis should be 'order_amendment' in lower case.
new_priceINTEGERYesThe amount in pounds (£) of the new total order value.
new_descriptionSTRINGYesA plain text description for the entire new order (not just the amendment), it will replace any previous order description.
api_keySTRINGYesYour unique account identifier

Example Successful Response

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