Mock Decision Data

On the test platform, decisions are faked and depend on the first letter of the surname given within the credit application form. The remaining data doesn't matter so it can be made up as long as it's technically valid. The following table has the details on what letters give what decisions:

Haccept"Accept" - Application has been accepted as proposed by the lender.
Jdecline"Decline" - Application has been declined by the lender.
Qrefer"Refer" - Application has been referred by the lender and pending final decision.
AsecondYou will move to the alternative finance page



In order to ensure a credit application is accepted and will go into Action-Customer status once the deposit has been paid, you will need to enter the following address in the address finder on the test application form:

10 Downing Street, SW1A2AA

Please note, inputting the above address will ensure an 'Accept' status every time.

Bank details to use:

Account number - 55779911

Sort code - 20-00-00