Common Issues/Questions

Where do I find my retailer reference?
The retailer reference is your own unique reference for your system to tie the application with your own system, for example, could be an order reference, customer reference or a unique number.

Can I use the same retailer reference per API request?
The retailer unique reference must be different for every API request the same reference must not be submitted twice as an error will occur.

I am passing through the price and deposit as a decimal but I am getting an error?
The price/deposit must be in pence, so for example, if the total cost of goods is £1000.00 it must be passed across as "100000".

I have copied the JavaScript code in but the calculator is not working why?
The Javascript snippet is an example of the JavaScript function which calculates the finance breakdown's and on its own will not work.

You would need a designer to design the calculator's look and a developer to code the finance breakdowns.

Can I pass through more details to the application form?
Yes, you can pass additional details such as the customer name, email and number which will pre-populate the application form which makes it less likely customers will drop out of the application journey. For further information please click here.

Can I pass through the number of items/quantity to the version 2 API?
No, the item quantity is not required for the API and you must pass all the items total cost to the price field and append the all the items to the description of the goods.

Will my sandbox rate card match live rate card exactly?
No the rates on the sandbox account may differ to the secure account rates. We would advise checking the rates before migrating to live.

Can I use an in-store installation ID as part of the API request?
No in-store installations ID's cannot be used for the API request and will cause an error if used.

Can I use ISIF/ISIB product code?
No, these are in-store finance codes which will throw an error message if used. You would need use to ether ONIF/ONIB product codes.

I am getting a 404/500 HTTP response code in the CSN log what should I do?
This means that there is an error with your CSN URL and you would need to contact your development team in order for them to resolve this issue.

Successful CSN's should show either 200 or 201.

I have entered my return URL's and CSN URL's but they are not working why?
You need to ensure that you have assigned the correct online installation to the integration profile, for further information please click here.

Can I whitelist Deko's IP address?

It is not possible to whitelist our systems as both AWS and our WAF (Incapsula) provider have cycling policies which will render IP address obsolete without notifications. This is standard to mitigate any DDoS or attacks to any of the infrastructure. Due to how the cloud architecture work's we are unable to change this as it is outside of our control and would lead us open to risks of service downtime.

You can refer to Incapsula IP ranges, however, please note they will change or alter the ranges and Deko are not in the position to notify and update the ranges for you.

Additionally, the IPs are our outgoing gateway IPs but when your service receives any of our responses, it might come directly from one of our instance load balancers/partner WAFs (Incapsula) meaning that this range will be massive.

For further information regarding Incapula IP's please see the below link:

I am getting a "Connection refused" error when connecting to the API what can I do?
We would try from your server running the following CURL terminal commands.

curl --verbose
curl --verbose

This is the correct port and you should get the following response:


Correct Port Response

Then try the following:

curl --verbose
curl --verbose

These are the incorrect port's and you should get the following response:


Incorrect Port Response

If you get the latter screenshot than it is highly likely that the connection is blocked from the server to the outside world, for example, the firewall routing rules, internal DNS which are resolving incorrectly and would advise contacting your server provider in order to assist you with resolving the issue.