Error Codes

Error CodeDescription
0x001The credit application was given no hash or POST.
0x002One or many of the goods in the POST failed validation due to:
- Price is less than 0
- Description is less than 3 characters or greater than 1024 characters
- Quantity is not valid
0x003Deposit in the POST is not valid.
0x004An in-store application was launched without an authorised BackOffice user logged in.
0x005There was no 'Retailer Installation Id' or 'API Key' in the POST.
0x006The API Key is not valid.
0x007The link used is incorrect.
0x008The link used is expired.
0x009The incomplete credit request link is not valid.
0x00AThe email link is not valid.
0x00BThe email link has expired.
0x00CThe web link is not valid.
0x00DThe web link has expired.
0x00EThe link used to continue an application is invalid.
0x00FThe BackOffice User is not authorised to continue a credit application.
0x010The link type is not recognized.
0x011The Retailer Installation Id is not valid.
0x012The Retailer Installation Id is not valid with the API Key given.
0x013Applications can't be made from the test platform with the account.
0x014No Finance Product was selected.
0x015There is no goods data input.
0x016An application with the same retailer unique reference has been submitted and automatic unique reference has been turned off.
0x017The account being used has no products set up to us the finance code input.
0x018The deposit given is either below the minimum or above the maximum allowed.
0x019The credit is above the maximum or below the minimum allowed.
0x01ACould not load the retailer's first credit policy for documents.
0X01BCould not load the requested credit product.
0x020The account being used is not eligible for this version of the application.
0x021Applications can't be made from the live platform with the account.
0x022Invalid Goods:
- Quantity must be a positive number
- Price must be greater than 0
- Description length must be between 3 and 1024 characters long
0x023The decision policy could not be found.
0x026The link has expired.
0x027The link has already been used.
0x028A deposit must be set for online applications