Credit Application Process

What is a Credit Application?

A Credit Application is the process of taking a payment via Deko's retail finance platform.

The Deko Credit Application process follows a series of steps, called STATUSES. The following is the basic credit application flow.



Credit Applications fall into one of two types: In-store and Online.

Deko can be integrated into your e-commerce platform and be used in-store as a payment method.


The credit application has been accepted for finance which is valid for 90 days. The customer now needs to sign their agreements and pay their deposit if a deposit is required.


The credit application has been declined for finance. They must now wait 60 days before they can reapply for finance.


The customer has already been declined in the last 60 days, and they have tried to re-apply before 60 days have elapsed.


The credit application has been given a refer decision which requires manual decisioning from the lender to be either declined or accepted.


This status indicates the customer has paid their deposit. In-store and online applications vary slightly.

In-store: customers are offered more than one way to pay their deposit.

  1. Credit/Debit card (must use Chip & Pin). If Chip & Pin isn't used the ID will be required and must be uploaded to Deko BackOffice.
  2. Cash - ID will be required and must be uploaded to Deko's BackOffice.
  3. Other - ID will be required and must be uploaded to Deko's BackOffice.

Online: payment must be taken with a credit/debit card in the name of the customer applying for finance (customers are prompted to enter their card details at this stage)

Action Customer

The customer has been accepted, paid their deposit but the application requires an ID upload to proceed.

Action Lender

The customer's identity document could not be validated and it is down to the lender to take action.


This status is triggered once the goods have been delivered and received by the customer.


The credit application has been included in a settlement payment from the lender to the retailer.