User Management

Before going live, there are a few things you will want to set up and configure on your Backoffice account.


Each person using Deko Backoffice should have their own unique user created, which can be done under User Management.


Groups give you the ability to configure different levels of access for members in the organisation, each group can have different sets of permissions and users can only be in one group.

Click the group tab to begin configuring and editing groups.

Creating Groups

Click the "New Group" button to begin setting up a new group.

You can enter the new group's names into the pop-up window.

When you create a new group you can copy an existing group's permissions.


On the right-hand side click on the blue icon to either edit or delete a group.
You can edit an existing group to add or remove certain permissions.


You have the ability to configure read and write permissions for Navigation which grants the user the permission to access different pages of BackOffice.

Order Actions

Provide the ability to use the order actions from various different places in BackOffice and in the credit application form.


Provide permissions to access to specific installations in order to start an application or view & action applications within that installation.


The ability to start an in-store application and the product codes usable for starting one. A minimum deposit can be set to not allow deposits under a certain percentage.


Allows a group member to view and use widgets that appear on the dashboard.

Finance Calculator

Settings for the In-store Finance Calculator options which allow you to set the specific finance products and the minimum and maximum price/deposit which you would want to offer to your customers.

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