Welcome to Deko Docs! Here you'll find a comprehensive guide to help you get up and running with Deko.

Choose your integration

We provide a number of ways to integrate Deko: Direct Integration, With Platform and using our SDKs and Libraries.

Direct integrations

Directly integrate to Deko with your own custom checkout pages.

Quick Start

With Platforms

Plug-into a shopping cart for a quick and easy integration.

Platform Integration

SDKs and Libraries

Coming soon

Choose your product

Deko provides the following products:

Digital Credit (NewPay)

Newpay is a digital line of credit that allows customers to split purchases into manageable monthly payments.

Quick Start

Pay in 4 (ZIP)

An interest-free payment solution that enables customers to split the cost of their purchase into 4 bi-weekly payments.

Quick Start

Pay Monthly

Flexible Monthly payments suitable for customers who would like to finance their purchase and spread the cost over time.

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