Remittance Process

Funds relating to a verified application will only be remitted to you by the lender once the corresponding order has been fulfilled - in other words the product or service has been successfully provided to the customer.

You can mark individual orders as fulfilled via the Deko Dashboard using the Detailed Order View. This makes funds available for remittance - as Deko will notify the lender immediately of this status change.


Note: The lender may request proof of fulfilment, or contact the customer directly to ensure this status is used accurately.

Payment of all funds available for remittance from the lender will be processed on weekdays (excluding bank holidays) following the prior end of day cut off of 23:59. This will include the value of all applications fulfilled since the prior remittance was issued.

  • Fulfilled 23:59 Sunday - 23:59 Monday: remittance Tuesday
  • Fulfilled 23:59 Monday - 23:59 Tuesday: remittance Wednesday
  • Fulfilled 23:59 Tuesday - 23:59 Wednesday: remittance Thursday
  • Fulfilled 23:59 Wednesday - 23:59 Thursday: remittance Friday
  • Fulfilled 23:59 Thursday - 23:59 Sunday: remittance Monday
    (excluding bank holidays)

This payment is credited to the bank account instructed to your lender and will appear in your account within 1-2 working days in accordance with the terms of your lender agreement. You will receive a remittance advice via email for each settlement.

The remittance advice will provide a summary of all applications included in the remittance. This will be sent to you on the day following settlement processing. For example remittance processed on a Tuesday will result in a notification on a Wednesday.

Since a fulfilment instruction cannot be reversed, a refund is required to reverse a loan with the lender. Remittance can include any refunds that occur in the applicable period, which will be netted off from the payment amount and noted in the remittance advice.