Applications provides a simple, interactive statement view through which you can browse all credit applications which have been submitted for your business, including where finance purchases were successfully completed.

This paginated view allows you to browse lists of applications which have been received according to key data from each submission, including date and time, amount, status and your own relevant transaction references.

You can choose from common date ranges to easily filter the report to list only those applications received in a given day or week, or enable a custom date range. You can define how many applications to show per page.


To better aid your review of potential orders, you can click on respective column headers to re-sort the report according to your interest. By default this is chronological, but you may choose to view by status or amount.

By using the "Export data" button at the top right of the table you can export a CSV file of the data, so that you can reconcile in your systems or share with co-workers. This export will reflect any filters or sorting you apply.

To review any application in more detail - for example you want to review customer data, application history, or perform a related action such as marking an order as fulfilled - click on the eye icon to the right of the row.

Column Headings
To better understand the columns presented in the applications report, please review the following fields

  • Merchant Order ID - This is the order ID you specified and sent to Deko when your order was created. You can use this to reconcile with your own systems, for example your ecommerce platform or shopping cart.
  • Status - This is the current or final status of the application and may update frequently as a customer moves through the application. This can be shared with a customer if they have questions about their finance purchase.
  • Creation date - This is the date and time that the credit application relating to your Merchant Order ID was created. Provided this was integrated to your shopping cart it should match your ecommerce platform data.
  • Amount - This is the order amount for which a credit application has been submitted and typically reflects the total price (inclusive of shipping if applicable) that a customer has to pay for their basket of goods or services.
  • Order ID - This is Deko's own unique reference for this credit application, should you need to speak to our Client Services team or raise any other query regarding this finance purchase.

Application Search
You may simply want to retrieve an application relating to a particular order or customer, for example when a customer raises a query with you. You can use the top left search bar using any ID, order amount, or status.