Mark Order as Fulfilled

Fulfilment of an order may be performed on an order via the Detailed Order View.

The Fulfil button allows you to mark applicable orders as fulfilled, for example if the loan has been approved and once you have shipped all the goods in an order to the customer. It is essential to use this marker accurately as it will be used by the lender to approve remittance of the resulting funds to you, and from time to time the lender may either ask you to provide proof of fulfilment or make checks with customers to verify this.


You will only be able to mark an application as fulfilled once it is in a verified status, meaning the customer has been verified and the loan approved and signed for. To help you work quickly, you’ll see the Fulfil button directly adjacent to the current application status and any prior application status history.

A pop up box will appear asking you to confirm this action. Once the fulfilment has been completed the status of the application will be updated to fulfilled, and remittance of related funds will be able to commence.