Customer Journey

Below are Newpay’s main user journeys for both desktop and mobile.

The Deko tab sits throughout a merchants website and gives the user access to the Newpay product.

The splash screen is the first screen a customer sees when they engage with the Deko tab on any screen other than the checkout payment methods page. This is used to check eligibility before checkout or login if the user already has a Newpay account.

Customers fill in the Will I Qualify form to see if they are eligible for Newpay ahead of checkout. If they do not do this pre-checkout then they must do this at checkout if they decide to pay with Newpay.

This breaks down the finance option available to the customer which is displayed on a product details page where a customer can see the price breakdown of an individual product.

Once at checkout the customer must create an account to continue to pay with Newpay.

For security reasons the customer must confirm their identity by submitting 1 penny to their bank account.

Customers must read through the terms and sign before continuing to pay.

Customers are given the choice between paying in instalments or using flexible credit.

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