Test Data

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9. Test Data for Simulated Responses

By using specific test data, the Deko UAT environment can simulate lender responses for different scenarios. Simply enter the relevant data in the appropriate field listed below when testing, to get the required outcome.

Data Entry in ApplicationOutcomeSuccessful Checkout
Household Income as £10,001Decline at Eligibility
Customer is declined after a soft credit check of their personal data.
Household Income as £55,555 or Utility Bill as Proof of IDDecline at Application
Customer is declined after a full credit check of their application.
Employment Status as StudentReferral at Application
Customer is referred for further assessment after a full credit check.
Use valid bank details, suggested:
Account Number: 41011166
Sort Code: 20-15-96
Verified (Completed Loan)
Customer loan application is approved and the purchase has been completed.

Only in the case of successful checkout will a receipt object be returned (see step 7, Complete Checkout) and the order status update from PENDING to SUCCESSFUL.

If checkout is unsuccessful, then the order status will move to FAILED (see step 8, Confirm Order). In a scenario where a customer is referred by the lender for further assessment, the order status will remain in PENDING. This can last for up to 24 hours or more, after which a further notification will be sent to your callbackUri to alert you to the outcome.


Application Statuses

Note that the outcomes above which generate checkout notifications, are part of a much broader set of application statuses that exist in an order, which can be reviewed in our Back Office, the exhaustive list of which can be seen here.