Mock Decision Data

On the UAT platform, decisions are faked and dependent on the Lastname given within the form. The remaining data doesn't matter so it can be made up as long as it's technically valid.

Furthermore, Please ensure that your basket is over £150 for your test transaction to be successful. Baskets under £150 will result in a failed test payment.

New User Journey

The following table has the details on what Lastname gives what decisions:

QuoteAccept "Accept" - The customer has been accepted for the finance
QuoteDecline "Decline" - The customer has been declined for the finance

Other Details you can use:

Sort code: 0000
Bank account No: 12345678
Pennycode drop: 0000
Phone code: 000000

Existing User Journey

For an existing user, you can log in using the below details:

Username: [email protected]
Passcode: 121212