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Deko GDPR changes

We’ve made minor changes to our merchant BackOffice and user application journey to comply with GDPR. Below are the key changes and shouldn’t interfere with how you access the Deko platform or how your consumer goes through the application process.

BackOffice key changes:

  1. Removal of the Incomplete Credit Apps tab - The ‘Incomplete Applications’ tab details customers who have started but not yet completed the application. Today, it allows you to follow up with them but this will cease and the tab removed as unfortunately, this doesn’t satisfy the requirements under GDPR. We have had a look at the potential impact and found that the feature isn’t widely used across the Deko merchant base.
    However, the good news is for those customers who have submitted their application and have been accepted for credit but haven’t completed either their deposit or signed documents, the Deko automated reminders will continue to operate. If you wish to remarket to customers using your own email re-marketing methods you can use the Deko re-marketing API too.
    We are looking into the possibilities of reintroducing and enhancing the feature to re-market to customers who have dropped out of the funnel at any stage including the possibility of introducing two-factor authentication for a customer to access their application but this won’t be ready in time for the May 25th deadline.
  1. Date of birth removal - We will be removing the customer’s date of birth from your Back Office views, including reporting tools as this is no longer compliant under the new GDPR rules.

  2. Consumer Credit Agreement - We will also be removing the ability to view and download the Consumer Credit Agreement a customer has with their lender as this contains sensitive personal information which should no longer be made available to you or your staff under the new GDPR rules.

  3. Application Links – As you may now know it is important for consumers to be made aware of how we are all using their personal information. Therefore, there is a need for the consumer to understand that by considering a finance application they are agreeing to their details being shared with Deko and this must also be made clear within your Privacy Policy. We’ll be adding a reminder into BackOffice of the above when you generate an application link that you should refer a customer to your own Privacy policy before then sending the application link to them.

Updated Deko Privacy Policy key changes:

  1. Under the terms of the new GDPR rules, we are required to ensure we do not retain data for any longer than is needed. Therefore, we will be implementing changes to how long we are storing personally identifiable data on Back Office. For any application which is never accepted for finance by one of our lenders then we will be removing any consumer personally identifiable data after a maximum period of 16 months.
    The reason it will not be immediately deleted is still to allow us along with the lenders time to perform business intelligence analytics on unsuccessful applications to identify any trends where we can work to improve the service to you and your consumers.
    Full details of our Privacy Policy including data retention periods can be found on our website or via the following link:

Application Journey:

  1. We will be removing the Deko Marketing Consent tick box as we do not actively market consumers.
  2. The new Deko Privacy Policy link will be added to the Deko transactional emails sent to a customer once they’ve been accepted for credit.

In-store Journey:

  1. We will be removing the ‘Download Agreement Link’ to ensure consumer personal details remain protected and are not inadvertently accessed. However, the ‘Print Documents’ functionality will still be available for you and your staff to print the documents to hand to your customers.

Phone Script changes:

  1. There will be some amendments made to the phone scripts which are needed to provide a customer with details of our Privacy Policy before commencing their application (without filling it with legal jargon.) The scripts will be updated on Back Office before 25th May but if you would like to view a copy of these in advance please contact us at or via your account manager.

Communication reminder

Hopefully you have now received and signed our GDPR addendum to your existing contract with us. If for any reason you haven’t received a copy or if you have any final queries please get in touch with us before 25 May otherwise this will be deemed as accepted by you.