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Platform Integration

1. Choose your platform

In order to connect Deko to your webstore, you need to subscribe to a platform that manages payments. Deko has developed plugins to support both ZIP and NewPay products.

This includes the following:

To sign up for an account with a platform, go to the links provided above. The Platform will provide instructions on how to integrate to Deko.

2. Design a web store

In order to connect Deko to your business, you need a webstore either in development or production.

3. Obtain your Deko credentials

Follow the steps outlined in the platform user guides for adding your Deko credentials: ClientId and Client Secret.

4. Install the Deko plug-in

Follow the steps outlined in the platform user guides for adding your Deko plug-in

5. Run tests

Once installed, complete the following steps:

  • Check to verify that the integration appears on your Checkout page, and is displayed correctly.
  • Run test transactions, to ensure that once retail finance is approved via Deko, the transaction updates your shopping cart Order Management System to accurately reflect the transaction status.

6. Go Live

You are ready to go live once you have completed your tests and confirmed everything is working as expected.

Go-Live Checklist

  • Get your production credentials: ClientId and Client Secret
  • Add Deko branding and notices (e.g., add logos and FCA disclaimer to add to your page footer)
  • Get access to Backoffice and ensure your staff are trained on how to use it.
  • When you are ready to go live, please contact your Deko account manager and request switching your account live.

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Platform Integration

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