What’s the credit limit all about?

What is a credit limit?

This is the maximum amount you may borrow on your Newpay account. The amount you’re offered is based on NewDay’s assessment of your application, which includes the information you gave us and the result of the credit check.

How do I change my credit limit?

If you want your credit limit to be increased or decreased, you can simply log on to your Online Account Manager or call NewDay’s customer services on 03308380170. They always keep an eye on your account to see how you’re getting on – they need to see that your account is well-managed, and that you’re making payments on time over a number of months before they can offer an increase. It’s best to keep your account up to date, as this will improve your chances of getting an increase accepted. To do this, make sure you stay within your credit limit and pay at least the contractual minimum payment each month.