Deko Zip (V4.2) Training Guide - Added Training Videos

Embedded the retailer portal and customer journey Youtube videos to the following pages respectively:

Deko NewPay (V4.3) Integration Guide - Added FAQs

On NewPay integration guide, FAQs have now been added.

Deko User Guide - Cancel/Cancel and Refund

Amended Cancel/Cancel and Refund page: on Backoffice User Guide


Deko Monthly - Compliance

Amended Check your Eligibility criteria on Omni Capital's Finance Page
and Multi-Lender Finance Page.

Application Form v2.7.4

Reduction of three consent checkboxes

Application Form v2.7.3

Auto Credit and Debit card detection

Lender BackOffice v3.1.0

Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Merchant BackOffice v2.3.0

Launch of Phone Applications - Initialise, populate and submit the application on behalf of the customer

Application Form v2.7.2

Years at Bank field removal

Application Form v2.7.0

Updates to UI and UX enhancements