The integration of the Zip Pay in 4 by Deko product requires both backend and frontend development
in order to fully provide the full functionality to customers via your e-commerce website. Depending on
your e-commerce website solution, we advise following the baseline guidance outlined below,
adapting where necessary to meet your desired user experience.

In order to utilise the Zip Pay in 4 by Deko product in both staging and live settings, you will need to
have an account configured with Deko. This action will be done as part of your onboarding process, in
which we will require from you the domain URL for both your staging and live sites. The product will
not be accessible in the respective environment until the corresponding domain URL has been

You will also need to be able to securely store your Client ID and Client Secret, which will be provided
to you during your onboarding. These values will need to be used when requesting an access token to use the checkout functionality.

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