Going Live

You are ready to go live once you have completed your tests, and confirmed everything is working as expected (see Testing).

Integration Checklist

Pay in 4 (ZIP)

  • Get your production credentials: *Client ID *and *Client Secret* and replace the UAT credentials and endpoints with their production counterparts.
  • Add Deko branding logos, banners and notices such as FCA disclaimer on the footer of your website. It is worth placing ZIP's payment Icon to the bottom of your page as this adds a trust signal for your customers.
  • Add ZIP's FAQ's to your website. You can find it [here](https://docs.dekopay.com/v5/docs/faqs).
  • Configure your *callbackUri *and respond with 2xx to Deko's push updates regarding the status of your orders. You will need to provide your *callbackUri *to Deko integration support in order to be configured for use with your account.
  • Obtain your ZIP API Keys and make sure they are added to your Deko account set up.
  • Ensure that your staging site has been signed off by our compliance team
  • Check that your Deko account is switched live.
  • Get access to ZIP Backoffice and ensure your staff are trained on how to use it.

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