Consumer Journey (with video)

Consumers interact with Zip Pay in 4 using Deko via a merchant’s e-commerce site; the user interface
is simple, intuitive and concise with only a very limited number of inputs required.

At checkout on the payment methods page, consumers will be able to select Zip Pay in 4 powered by
Deko as a payment method. Once selected, this brings up the Deko tab, where users will be
asked to create an account as part of the journey. This means that it will be simple and quick for users
to repeat spend using the same payment method in your store in the future.

Once the account is created, the consumer will undergo an ID check (not a hard credit check) and will
supply their credit card details if successful. This will display a clear breakdown of payments due on
that card. Once payment has succeeded, consumers will be directed back to your order confirmation

Below you will find a video taking you through the full customer journey through the Zip application form:

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