Remittance Process

Once an application is in the Verified status, you are now free to release the goods to this customer. Once the customer is in receipt of the goods, you can go ahead and fulfil the app, which will begin the payout process.

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Now the order has been Fulfilled, you will be paid out by your lender within 2-3 working days, and the application will go into Complete status.


On the day the application is completed, you will receive a remittance advice showing a breakdown of the payment you are going to receive. If there is more than 1 application that has been completed on that day, the payments will be bulked together. The retailer can reconcile their account with the remittance advice as it will show a breakdown of all the applications that were paid out/completed on that day. The remittance advice will go to the accounts contact given to us when you first signed up, but if you'd like this changed, just email your account manager or our support team at [email protected]

If there is any difference between the funds received into your account and what has been calculated on the remittance advice, this could be due to part refund or a cancellation of an application. Your lender will advise you of a part refund/cancellation via email. If you do have any payment queries then please contact our client services team at [email protected] where one of our team will be able to assist you.