Phone Applications v3


You will need to enable 'Phone applications' from 'Settings'

If the option is not visible you may need to contact your account manager to check if 'Phone applications' are available for your account.

Phone Applications allow you to retain complete control of the sales process. Call centre agents can fill in the finance details, populate the application form and submit the form on behalf of the customer, whilst meeting regulatory compliance requirements.


Start a Phone Application

To launch a phone application with the customer, the call centre agent will need to provide all of the information required in the launcher to launch an application.


Launch a Phone Application

Once the application has been launched, the agent will be displayed with a script to read to the customer. This is to make sure the customer receives all of the information that's needed to comfortably complete the application process, as well as getting the customers agreement for their data to be shared with third party services such as credit bureaus. Before continuing, the agent must clarify that the customer has given consent to continue with the application.


This differs from our original phone application form. The script has now been shortened and displays after the agent launches the application.


Script to be read to the customer

Now that the application form is displayed to the agent, they can read the information and collect data from the customer to fill out the corresponding fields.

The description of the goods and finance are available at all times during the application process on the right panel, to read back to the customer if needed.


We have added an additional email address field, to clarify that the email address provided by the customer is correct.


Application form

Now that the application form has been completed, the decision will be displayed to agent to read to the customer.

At this point there will be an email which is automatically sent to the customer, this will provide more information around the decision made and how they can continue the journey.


Decision of the application to be read to the customer