Phone Applications v2


Phone Application Accounts and Eligibility

You will need to enable 'Phone applications' from 'Settings'

If the option is not visible you may need to contact your account manager to check if 'Phone applications' are available for your account.

Phone Applications allow you to retain complete control of the sales process. Call centre agents can fill in the finance details, populate the entire form and submit the form on behalf of the customer, whilst meeting regulatory compliance requirements.


Launch a Phone Application

A phone application is almost exactly the same process as for an in-store application from BackOffice – but over the phone rather than face-to-face.


Phone Application Financial Details

A clear script is provided for your agents whilst going through the step-by-step process to make sure the customer receives all the information they need.


Script to be read to the customer

The centre agent continues with the application process.


Application Details

The agent will be able to let the customer know once they have been accepted for finance and then email the customer a link to e-sign their credit agreement and other documentation themselves.


The centre agent informs the customer of the decision of the application.