Part Refund

Part Refunds are for when customers return part of their order and you need to issue a refund of the returned amount.

A part refund can only be initiated when the application is in "Complete" status, and you will need the correct permissions to action one.

From the application under "Order Actions", click "Part refund".


Part Refund

From the "Part Refund" pop-up you will need to enter the refund amount and the description.


Part Refund


Please Note

Part Refunds must not take the loan amount below the £250 minimum loan value for finance.

The minimum loan value may differ per lender (this will be discussed on training or if you are unsure please contact our merchant support team).

If you need to refund an amount which takes the loan amount below the £250 minimum you will need to cancel the application in full as per our cancellation process and settle the difference directly with the customer.