New Online Application

Click the 'New Online Application' button to open up the online application form.


Create New Online Application

Enter the below mandatory fields which are required to send an application link.


Online Application Form (mandatory fields)

The Living Situation, Employment Situation and Banking Details are optional and can be left empty.


Unique Retailer Reference

Please note that the "Retailer Reference" need's to be unique for each application link and you should not use the same Reference for multiple application links as this will cause errors when an application is launched.

You are now able to specify a larger set of data to be populated on the customer's app form. If all details have been populated, the customer will be presented with a summary in place of a full credit application when their link is visited. (This, in effect allows you to fill out the app form on behalf of the customer - they need only to confirm the details.)

Provided you have specified a mobile number, the link can be sent via the new SMS option. (The contents of an Application Link email, or SMS is determined by their corresponding templates in the 'Template Editor' within BackOffice.)

On the right side of each link on the Application Links page is an 'Actions' menu. Here you can choose to deactivate a link. Once you confirm that you want to deactivate a link, customers will no longer be able to submit applications using this link and the link will be removed from your list of Application Links.


'Deactivate Link' and 'Send to New Customer'

The new "Sent Link Log" (opened by clicking the paper aeroplane icon) displays and tracks links that have been sent out to customers.


Sent Link Paper Aeroplane Icon