Integration Profiles


Please note the 'Return URL' and 'CSN URL' endpoints would need to be created by the merchant and are not provided by Deko. If you are unsure we would advise contacting either your IT admin or your developer.

Integration Profiles are detailed settings that can be applied to installations. Settings such as Return URLs from the application form, and the destination of the Credit Status Notifications (CSN's).

Creating an Integration Profile
Click the "New Profile" to open the profile pop-up to begin creating a new Integration Profile.


Button to Create a New Profile

Enter the name of the new integration profile.


Integration Profile Name

Return URL's

The 'Return URLs' are used to redirect customer back to a specific page on the merchant website for Verified, Declined and Referred Applications.

This allows you to decide the specific text which you would like to display for each of these statuses.


Return URL's

Credit Status Notifications URL and Email
The 'Credit Status Notifications' are used to notify either by automatic updates or email the current status of an application which is currently being processed by the Deko system.


Credit Status Notifications

Editing an Existing Installation Profile

The actions menu on the right of each Integration Profile row will enable you to edit, assign installations or delete the Integration Profile.


Integration Actions

Assigning an Installation
Once you have either created/edited your Integration profile you will need to assign an installation. In order to activate these settings for integration. Please note an installation can only be assigned to one integration profile at a time.

From the actions menu click "View & Assign Installations"


Default Installation Assigned

Click the drop-down menu to view all the available installations.


Selecting Installation

Click add to the integration profile.


Adding installation

Finally, click update to save these settings for the profile.


Assigned Installations