In-Store Process


In-Store Training and Finance Calculator Setup

Please note in order to use the instore process you will need to have completed your In-store training.

Choose one of two methods to launch the credit application

Option 1 Finance Calculator

One consideration with the Finance Calculator if the option is greyed out you may need to either complete your In-store training or set up your finance calculator options in the group management.


Finance Calculator

Customers are generally presented with an iPad that has been customised to suit their branding and finance offerings.


You can present up to 4 finance options to the customer. When you move the price and deposit sliders, the finance details are instantly calculated and displayed.

Once the customer has chosen a finance product, 'Apply Now' is pressed.


Here you confirm the price of the goods, deposit, description and reference and press 'Apply Now'.

The customer can now apply, launch the credit application form and 'Confirm & Apply' to start filing out the credit application.


The customer can fill the credit application form out comfortably knowing they don't need to speak out personal information.

Option 2 In-store Quick Launch

In-store Quick Launch

If you don't need to use the Finance Calculator then you can use the In-Store Quick Launch widget to quickly launch a credit application.


Only a few details are required to launch an in-store credit application.