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As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure greater protection from fraud for you and your customers, Omni Capital, the lender providing your finance offering, requires confirmation when goods or services have been received by the customer, prior to releasing the corresponding funds to you.

This requirement is already included in your Omni Capital Operating Agreement and will help ensure services are provided in line with the customer finance agreement.

Deko makes it really easy for you to instruct us when goods or services have been delivered successfully for each of your customers, and provide any proof required.

Simply login to the Back Office and navigate to Credit Applications under the Reporting menu option (step 1). This will load a list of recent credit applications (step 2) which you can filter according to dates or other criteria you wish to view.

To manage Proof of Delivery (POD) you should select individual applications for transactions you have completed and are able to mark as fulfilled. This will allow us to record this status and if necessary collect documentation as proof.


To do this, click on the relevant application ID (App ID) in the left hand column to load a single application (3a), or click the right facing arrow on the right of any individual row (3b) to display and manage each application inline in the report.

If you load a single application to screen, an option to ‘Mark order as fulfilled’ will appear in the top right of the screen in the Order Actions menu (4a). If you view an application inline it appears to the right of the panel that is opened (4b).

When you click on this option to mark an order as fulfilled, if any documentation is required by your lender as proof of delivery, a new window will be launched in our dedicated POD workflow platform. This currently applies to Omni Capital.


This workflow platform requires a separate login. When you are first enabled for this service our team will send you dedicated login details which will be required the first time a new window is launched but not again until a full day without use.


In this new window you can see an action from the lender (Omni Capital) for the relevant application ID (5). A quick one-click upload icon (6) allows you to easily browse your device and select a file or screenshot to upload as proof of delivery.

You may also add any comments or notes if you wish, using the text editor, and once you are happy with your uploaded proof, click the Add button (7) to finalise the upload for this order. There is also a Cancel option to remove the upload. Upon clicking Add, your proof of delivery should be visible, added to the page. This means it has been successfully attached. The Add button may continue to spin, but you are free to proceed with the following steps, including clicking Next.

Using this approach you can add multiple documents should you wish (7b), as this may assist your lender in releasing funds to you. For example if a copy of a customer ID is required (see the flow-chart below) this can also be uploaded.

To submit the uploaded proofs to Omni Capital for review, simply click Next from the right hand menu (8) and follow any associated instructions. The status of this order in the workflow will change from “Upload POD” to “Awaiting Review” (9).


The application remains in this status until Omni Capital approves the uploaded documentation. If your Proof of Delivery is approved by the lender, the status will change to “Closed” and the corresponding funds will be available for settlement.

If the lender rejects your POD document/s, you will receive an email notification directly from the platform, and the status of the application will revert to “Upload POD”. You will need to navigate back to the POD workflow platform to review.

If you wish to check on the progress of existing applications in the POD workflow or manage any rejected items, you can click the large Access POD button that appears top right of any list of credit applications in the main Deko Back Office.

This will launch the POD workflow software and display a report containing all of your relevant applications and their statuses. You will be able to filter the report and click into individual applications to manage them or upload new documents.

For a summary of the required forms of documentation which are accepted as proof by Omni Capital please see the flow diagram below, relating to different scenarios.

In some cases you have an option to have your customer respond to a template email or sign an acknowledgement. We have included links to the templates supporting these types of proof so you can download them for use.


Note that once a Proof of Delivery has been marked as approved by Omni Capital, you will be able to see the updated status through the POD workflow platform.. This is necessary for corresponding funds to be settled to you.
If services are fulfilled without submitting necessary Proof of Delivery where required by Omni Capital, or the proof submitted does not meet the guidance provided, this may result in a delay in lender funds being made available to you.

Here is a link which allows you to download or print a blank copy of all the documents that you may need. A copy of these will also have been emailed out to you.

If you have any questions on this process please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]