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Cancel/Cancel and Refund


Cancellations are unable to be reverted.

Please be aware that cancellations are final and can not be reverted.

If an application is cancelled in error, you will need to get the customer to re-apply, which will be a second credit search on their credit file and no guarantee that they will be accepted.

You can cancel an application up until and including the verified status. Applications in a fulfilled or complete status can not be cancelled via your back office.

To cancel and application in fulfilled or complete status, please email our support desk at [email protected], and we will be able to cancel it for you. Once this is cancelled you will be able to see this on the system.

Select the cancel option.

You will be then be asked wether you are sure you wish to cancel this app? If so proceed by clicking the 'Cancel' option, if not select the 'Do Not Cancel' option.

If the customer has paid a deposit you will be prompted with a 'Cancel and Refund' option.

For online applications, once cancelled the customers paid deposit will be automatically processed and refunded via BACS to the card the payment was initially taken from which cancel take up to 3-5 working days.

For in-store applications you will need to manually refund this deposit, as this was taken over the counter by yourselves.

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Cancel/Cancel and Refund

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