Amend Order - Up

Select the 'Amend Order' option a pop up box will appear, where you will be able to amend an application up or down.


If you wish to amend an application up and add further goods/services, insert the goods description, goods price and quantity then press 'Add'.


The deposit will automatically recalculate or you can amend this to your required amount. If you wish to proceed with the amendment press the 'Amend' option, if not press the 'Cancel'.


Upon selecting 'Amend' you will be presented with a pop up box to confirm this amendment. Once confirmed, If this amendment is accepted by the lender the application will move into an amended status.


The system will automatically send a link to the customers designated email address, where the customer will need to confirm this amendment, e-sign their new documents and pay any additional deposit if required.

If the amendment is rejected by the lender, the application will revert back to the previous status.