Each employee within your organisation will have a username and password and once a user has been created, they must be assigned to a group granting them access to certain aspects of BackOffice.

What they have access to will depend on the permissions assigned to the group they are in. Note that users can only be a member of one Group.

You can create a user by clicking the 'New User' button in the upper left hand side.


Create New Back Office User

The required user information would need to be filled out and the user must also be assigned to an existing group which will have preset permissions.


Enter New User Information

The action button on the right-hand side of the page allows you to either edit a user, change group the user belongs too and delete user.


Edit User Details

The edit user allows an admin user to temporarily set a new password if a user is unable to reset it via the password reset functionality.


Edit user functionality

It is also possible to do a batch action on multiple users for either changing group or deleting. The checkboxes on the left of each user are for the users that will be batch actioned, and the 'Actions' button in the upper right will then action those users.


Multiple User Actions

You can export a report which contains provides a list of all users and logins, just click on the export button at the top right-hand side of the page.


User Export Functionality