Where to display Zip Pay in 4

Zip Pay in 4, can be displayed on any page of your website; we recommend the following positions:

  1. Homepage

(Customer thought process: “I now have the option to spread the cost over 4 payments”)
NOTE: However, if there are a number of chat pop-ups, marketing banners and cookie
banners, the homepage should be avoided if the ‘Tab’ is obscured.

  1. Landing pages

(Customer thought process: “Can I afford to purchase from this site”)

  1. Product list page / search results

Customer thought process: “Can I afford to purchase within this category”)

  1. Product details page

(Customer thought process: “I want to see if I can afford this product”)

  1. Basket

(Customer thought process: “Can I purchase my basket”)

However, you may only display the full checkout version when on the Payment Methods page.
This is triggered from the customer clicking the Zip Pay in 4 icon, for which there is a choice of two
different visual style options, depending on your payment methods page design:


Option 1



Payment Icon via the Footer

It is worth placing the payment Icon to the bottom of the page as this adds a trust signal for your

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