Why should I offer Zip?

Zip is a safe, simple, and convenient omni-channel payment option. Zip is powered by ASX-listed company Zip Money (ASX: ZML). Zip enables your customers to shop online or in-store and pay in 4 equal instalments – with no interest and no fees.

Zip provides you with the platform to offer payment flexibility to your customers and assists in converting browsers to shoppers, as well as increasing the average order values and the number of items per order.

It’s quick, simple and specifically designed to help businesses maximise and optimise their funnel.

What are the costs to implement Zip?

Zero, there are no set up costs or monthly fees for Zip online or instore.

What does it cost to run Zip on my website and/or instore?

We charge a Business Fee, which is a small percentage of each successful transaction, very similar to your card processing fees. Our Business Manager can discuss specific fee structures with each individual Business. Zip scales with you, the more transaction volume you process the better the deal.

What happens if a customer doesn't cover their future instalments?

Part of the Zip value proposition is that we take on the credit and payment risk of each purchase. If a customer misses an instalment the recourse sits with us to follow up with them. The majority of Zip customers pay on time or, following a quick reminder, reconcile their account.

What about returns?

You can process returns through the Business Portal in line with you company policy. We will refund any funds received from your customer and cancel any future repayments. We then collect the monies remitted to the business.

How can I promote Zip to my customers?

You will have access to resources where you can find insights and tips on how to promote Zip on your website, in-store and through your social channels as well as our brand guidelines.

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