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Standard Product Codes



A product code is a combination of the sales channel, APR and Term.

A list of standard Online product codes which can be used for integration purposes.

For further information regarding your specific rate please either review your Rate Card in the Deko Backoffice or contact your account manager.

Product CodeSales ChannelProduct TypeTerm
ONIF6OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)6
ONIF9OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)9
ONIF10OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)10
ONIF12OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)12
ONIF18OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)18
ONIF24OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)24
ONIF36OnlineInterest Free Credit (0% APR)36
ONIB12-9.9OnlineLow Rate Credit (9.9% APR)12
ONIB18-9.9OnlineLow Rate Credit (9.9% APR)18
ONIB24-9.9OnlineLow Rate Credit (9.9% APR)24
ONIB36-9.9OnlineLow Rate Credit (9.9% APR)36
ONIB12-19.9OnlineClassic Credit (19.9% APR)12
ONIB18-19.9OnlineClassic Credit (19.9% APR)18
ONIB24-19.9OnlineClassic Credit (19.9% APR)24
ONIB36-19.9OnlineClassic Credit (19.9% APR)36

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Standard Product Codes

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