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Q1 2018 Roadmap Worksteams.


If you haven’t heard about GDPR you’ve surely been under a rock or having too much of a good time to care. The legislation which comes into effect on May 25th affects us all and we’ve been working with a legal compliance firm who specialise in GDPR to ensure we and our systems are compliant.

Some of the changes we’ll be making in line with the legislation pertain to authentication access and the customers ‘right to be forgotten.’ This means minor changes to the wording of our app form, how we capture customer consent and how individual users access BackOffice.

You'll need to double opt in too.

As part of GDPR we'll also be making sure that all of our Merchants are double opted in to receive Deko communications too, this includes monthly instalment as well as future product and marketing updates so stay tuned for an opt-in email shortly.

Application Form V.3

In 2017, we undertook user testing of our application form with external customers and based on the learnings have started to work on significant improvements to the application journey. All enhancements are intended to reduce friction for the customer and improve conversion for you.

So, what’s changing?

• A big shift towards a sharper UI, the current design is dated.
• Streamline the process throughout the journey.
• Code changes for easier A/B testing of future enhancements based on conversion analysis.
• Improved ID upload.
• Improved address lookup, which will reduce friction and increase the time to complete.
• Improved assistance text to help the user through the journey.
• Improved field validation copy when errors are inputted.
• Micro animations to make the form interactive.
• New alternative finance page design for ease of comparison.
• The form will now be AA compliant for those that are hard of sight or colourblind.

This list is not exhaustive and we’ll continue to A/B test as we make enhancements to validate the changes.

How are we rolling out app form V.3?

We’ll be rolling out the form changes as an A/B soft launch to 20% of our integrated online customers (you know who you are) in Q1, this allows us to test conversion of the old v’s new form and re-iterate based on learning before a staged roll out to all merchants.

When will my customers start using the new form?

We’ll keep you updated on the rollout plans and dates through email communications and our account management team so you’ll know exactly when your customers will start to use the new form.

There is nothing you need do as a business, just stay tuned for rollout comms.

If you have any questions regarding the new application form please contact your account manager.

The Settlement Process

We’re making considerable improvements to our automated settlement process to ensure that if a problem is identified with the overnight reconciliation between the lender and you that our support team is notified instantly and can keep you updated that we’re working to resolve the issue, meaning you can feel more confident that you’ll receive your payment in a timely manner.

For any questions relating to the settlement process contact our support team on: or live chat in BackOffice.

For more information on any of the topics outlined in the Q1 roadmap contact your account manager or our support team on 0800 021 7150

Q1 2018 Roadmap Worksteams.

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