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There are two aspects to using the API; making requests to Deko and credit status notifications (CSNs) that Deko sends to you.

A CSN will be sent on the creation of an application on the Deko system and for each proceeding status change after that. Every CSN will have both the 'CreditRequestId' which is Deko's unique identifier for an application and the 'RetailerUniqueRef' which is your unique identifier for an application.

This should allow you to link applications made on Deko to orders in your system. CSNs consist of more information on the customer, the goods and finance details and any credit sentry flags.

You can view each of the statuses here, some statuses require action from you as you can see in the 'Actioner' column of the table. Most of the statuses that need to be actioned by you can be resolved by making requests to the API. For example, applications in VERIFIED can be fulfilled using the fulfilment request.

The 'Credit Application Initialisation' is a simple way of redirecting your customers straight to the Deko application form.

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