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Marketing Finance

Advertising your finance offering is key to driving an increase in conversion rates and accelerating revenues.

The positioning of your finance offering will need to flow across your website and be positioned
on your home, product and checkout pages. See our Deko Brand Guideline for Deko logos & Web Banners

Home Page

Having finance advertisement at the top of your home page is a great way to highlight to consumers that your business offer finance. You can do this by placing a banner underneath your product / information tabs or utilising a carousel highlighting the different products and finance offerings.

Header or Footer

For compliance purposes offering finance online does require you to have a finance page tab outlining your finance offering. Your finance page will provide your consumers with all the information they need to know when considering applying for finance. See our Finance Page Template

Product Page

Advertising finance across product pages including a finance calculator provides consumers with all the information they need to understand the deposit amount, term of agreement, APR % and monthly repayments.

Checkout Page

Positioning a finance option at checkout is required, this allows your consumers the choice for all payment options.

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Marketing Finance

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