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Retailers that trade across multiple sales channels, physical locations or web sites, can use installations to specify unique settings for each one. You can add up to 2 additional installations to Standard Accounts and an unlimited number for Corporate Accounts.

To create a new installation, click the 'New Installation' button.

Once you have filled out the fields and uploaded a logo then you can press the 'Create' button to create a new installation ready to use. Details on these options can be found further down. Additional settings can be applied to a installation once it has been created with an integration profile detailed in the Integration section.

Creating an installation

Creating an installation

Each of the installation options with descriptions are as below:

Installation Setting


The name of the installation.


This logo is used for the header of the application form.

Header Background Colour

The background colour of the header in the application form.

Header Font Colour

The font colour of the header in the application form.

Installation Type

If the installation is meant for in-store use or online use.


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