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0% Finance Promotions

Interest-free credit is proven to deliver more sales than any other finance option. It’s a great marketing tool and is an important element if you’re looking to drive more revenue, especially in a competitive market or during your peak season.

How to set it up

All merchants have interest-free finance options set up in the system. To turn them on you simply need to log into BackOffice and complete the steps outlined below. Once the options are active they’re available for store staff to select and can be added to your eCommerce site for online customers.

  1. Go to account management > User management > Groups. Select the Actions menu and click Edit Group.

  2. Select Finance tab and select the 0% finance option you want to offer. Choose the deposit amount you want the customer to pay and select the checkbox on the right-hand side. Click Update.

For store staff:
When they open a finance application the 0% finance options you’ve chosen will be available in the drop down list in the Quick Launch widget located on your dashboard. Make sure you let your store staff know that this option is available.

To make available online:
Provide the finance code for the interest-free option you’ve chosen to your web manager who can add 0% finance on selected items alongside your current interest bearing options.

Finance codes can be found in BackOffice and are a combination of :

  • Letters: ON = Online, IF = Interest-free
  • Numbers: Duration of the agreement

E.g. Online, interest-free, over 6 months = ONIF6 | In-store, interest free, over 12 months = INIF12

If you have any questions regarding integrating interest-free finance, please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected]

Make the most of 0% finance

Just having 0% finance online will increase sales but to really make the most of it there are a few easy tips:

  • Communicate to staff. Make sure any store staff know that 0% is available and how to talk to customers about it.
  • Notify your email subscribers that you now offer 0% finance.
  • Use point-of-sale material to advertise that finance is available in-store and on your website. Contact us for physical POS materials or download our web-banners.
  • Include your 0% promotion in all your marketing communications
  • Tell your followers on social media

There’s a host of other tips in our 22 tips for marketing finance guide. Lots of the tips are quick to do so why not download it now and see what else you could do.

Why offer 0% finance?

More customers take interest-free finance than any other finance offer. It’s great for attracting new business and winning customers from the competition.

Boost sales revenue
Around 50% of customers choose interest-free finance. It’s a great incentive for customers to buy as it makes sound financial sense.

Increase order value
Customers spend more if it’s cost effective for them to spread the cost. You can also use 0% as an incentive to increase spend (i.e if you spend £x you will qualify for 0% finance).

Gain more customers
0% finance has a higher acceptance rate than any other loan offer. One of our merchants consistently sees 3x as many customers accepted for 0% finance than for their interest-bearing options.

How much will it cost me?

There’s a small subsidy for customers taking out 0% finance, but this is more than offset by the increases in sales. Our subsidy calculator allows you to see exactly what you’ll pay for at different rates and sale prices.

You can make 0% finance even more cost effective by raising the minimum deposit. The loan value is lower and therefore the subsidy you pay is lower too. It's a great way for you to decide which products or services you'd like to offer 0% finance on. For instance, products with the highest margins.

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0% Finance Promotions

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